Wildflower Linen {Decor}

Wildflower Linen is the leading designer and producer of specialty table linens and chair covers for event rentals. Glamorous, exclusive & personal.  Having your décor compliment your personality is a must.  From satin corset backings to Duponi silk lined with rhinestones, your are sure to find one that sparks your senses and add that extra touch of glam to your function.

“In addition to lavish weddings and large-scale banquets, Wildflower Linen creations have been featured at the post-Oscars Governor’s Ball and Vanity Fair after-parties, aboard charter yachts, in noted resorts and country clubs, at several Presidential library events, even at the gala party for a DreamWorks premiere at the Venice Film Festival in Italy. However, Wildflower Linen’s extensive inventory of fashion-forward and traditional decor is also available for your smallest-scale and most intimate of functions.”

Resource: Wildflower Linen


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