Preston Bailey’s Color Palette Picker {Inspiration}

If you haven’t heard about it… here is your chance to catch up!  Preston Bailey aka ‘Wedding Guru’ has introduced his free color palette picker for all of you Brides.  Just 4 steps to revealing a customized color palette just for you from Mr. Bailey.

“The steps are easy: Step 1: Start by selecting one of our signature color swatches. Preston advises clients to make a selection by picking their favorite color or a shade that sparks their imagination. If you’re not sure what to pick, you can always choose the “random” button to have us pick it for you.
Step 2: Tell us about your event. Answer four simple questions to help us understand what you’re looking for.
Step 3: Choose a Preston factor. (What’s the Preston factor? You’ll have to play to find out.)
Step 4: Your results! We will reveal a customized color palette created just for you and your event. (If you’d like to see more choices, all you need to do is play again.)”

Resource: Preston Bailey


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