Wedding planner or follower?

When hiring someone to plan every detail of your big day you are putting all of your trust in that one individual.  By hiring Bespoke Event Design you are also saying I want something different…something unique that not everyone else is doing.  You are putting your trust in us and we bring to the table different elements, textures, visions that will all come together in the end to resemble you and your future husband.

Bespoke Event Design steps outside the box, we step into your mind and pull those specific details that neither you nor any of your bridesmaids may have thought of.  That is why it is so important to make sure that when you are looking at wedding planners you look for ‘individuality.’  So many planners cut and copy & follow behind other planners that put the time, dedication, passion & love into what they do. We take the time to research, to make sure that what we offer to everyone of or clients is unique.  We stay up to date on different seminars, classes and follow the WPIC standards and Code of Ethics.

When push comes to shove do they have what it takes? Will they know how to get the flower stain out of your dress if your bouquet should die your dress?  Are they going to make sure that you don’t have real flowers in your cake…what if your cake doesn’t show-up, do they have back-up?  On the day of your wedding they can’t copy anyone and have no one to follow…what happens then?  Make sure you ask all the right questions when meeting with planners and make sure you meet with at least 3 before you move forward.  You have to ‘click’ with your planner and they have to ‘click’ with you.  Look for a planner that comes up with their own ideas and not someone else’s…as the ones that follow will always be one step behind.


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