Booty Camp {Fitness}

We all know how important it is to look spectacular on your wedding day AND how great it is to feel it.

The girls over at Booty Camp Fitness are ready to get you in shape for your big day.  In as little as 2 nights a week you can look forward to…

–       Loosing up to 16 lbs of weight reduction

–       1-6 inches reduced in your thighs

–       Midsection ad arms – boost your immune system and a decease in sick days

–       25 – 100% increase in strength an stamina

–       An energized and relaxed feeling

With over 95 locations across Canada they are taking charge of your fitness regiment with awesome music, laughter and enthusiasm.  Getting you honeymoon ready in as little as 2 nights a week!

As a bonus they are offering a FREE e-copy of “Eating Right Made Simple – Healthy Cookbook” just for telling some of your other girlfriends about Booty Boot Camp.

To top it all off they have the ‘New You’ Challenge where you enter to win a weekend trip to NYC with a loaded visa card of $2500!

Get ready to show off those toned shoulders in your strapless gown today.


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