Wedding planner or follower?

When hiring someone to plan every detail of your big day you are putting all of your trust in that one individual.  By hiring Bespoke Event Design you are also saying I want something different…something unique that not everyone else is doing.  You are putting your trust in us and we bring to the table […]

Samo Films {Cinematography}

If you’re looking for one of Toronto’s top film makers…look no further.  Samo Films capture’s every emotion, visualization and smile.  I can not stress how important it is on your wedding day to invest in an individual that is there to capture every essence of your day, from sunrise to nightfall, from every tear to every […]

What’s in your emergency bag? {Tips}

Or do you have one?  Being prepared for the unexpected is my job.   I love nothing more than quickly finding a solution to any problem that may arise…and arise they may.  I often get asked what is in my emergency bag that I carry with me from wedding to wedding, re-stocking and constantly adding new […]

Renaissance Studios {Contest’s}

I always love when Brides support other Brides in planning their wedding.  It’s like we form a little colony and stick together during the whole wedding process. This story came to me from one of my current brides who stated “My colleague Vivian entered and I found her entry touching.”  I love it when vendors […]